A.G. Carpenter

A.G. Carpenter writes fiction of (and for) all sorts, with a focus on the speculative. With over a dozen published short stories, her work has appeared in Twitter-zines such as One Forty Fiction and Trapeze Magazine, online publications Daily Science Fiction, Abyss & Apex, Nature Magazine - Futures, and others.

A.R. Cook

A.R. Cook of Gainesville, Georgia, is the author of The Scholar and the Sphinx YA trilogy from Mithras Books, the most recent, "The Scholar, the Sphinx and the Threads of Fate" released June 2016.

Andrea Mast Kessel

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Atlanta based, Professional Makeup Artist, Andrea Mast Kessel, shares her in depth knowledge of makeup artistry, special e!ects makeup, airbrush & body paint, and hair & wig creation as an Educator and Guest Speaker teaching students all over the country how to create any look imaginable through the use of makeup, wigs, proper tools,tips and techniques. Andrea has worked in all genres including theatre & stage, television & (lm, fashion, editorial, commercial and runway.

Andrew Duncan

Drew is the creator of an all-cardboard science fiction convention, the founder of a traditional pirate-themed pubcrawl, the business manager of the planet's favorite space pirate, and writes about his misadventures in the motion picture industry, where he is known better as “Drewprops”.  

Dacre Stoker

Dacre Stoker is the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and the best-selling co-author of Dracula the Un-Dead (Dutton, 2009), the official Stoker family endorsed sequel to Dracula. Dacre is also the co-editor (with Elizabeth Miller) of The Lost Journal of Bram Stoker: The Dublin Years (Robson Press, 2012).

Dr. Tedd Roberts

Dr. Tedd Roberts is the (brain) scientist behind the science fiction at Baen Books.  He is a neuroscientist with 35 years' experience in laboratory and clinic.  A teacher, writer, Eagle Scout and musician, he loves to talk and write about science fact and fiction for the SF/F audience, which led to advising numerous popular authors on cutting edge science for their novels. Thanks to a medical "wake-up call" he has become a martial arts practitioner & instructor, and a firm advocate on the health benefits of walking.   

Edwin Morgan

Born 1975. Served in the U.S. Army for 10 years. Became a paranormal Investigator in 1994. Lived in Ft. Oglethorpe Ga right outside the Chickamagua Battlefield most of his life until joining the military. The unexplained occurances helped him go into investigating the paranormal.

Gregory Nicoll

Gregory Nicoll is an author and journalist whose award-winning fiction glistens with an intense fever-dream sense of detail, best exemplified by his WWII horror novel Dracula’s  Cat and his steampunk Pied Piper redux for the anthology Clockwork Fairy Tales.

James Neathery

 James is known for being a contestant on the Steampunk’d competition TV show. He is from Nashville, TN and along with his wife, Sara, they own and Operate Starboard Sky Industries.  James makes amazing Steampunk Watches. He is a talented artist and is always willing to help others!

Louise Herring-Jones

Louise Herring-Jones now writes mainstream, historical, and speculative fiction as well as non-fiction. Once upon a time, when she was not much more than a child, she set aside her dreams of authorship to gather life experience first. To the extent that she now writes a great deal about aliens, spaceships, mummies, zombies, and other creatures, things, and places that may only exist in her imagination, or perhaps only existed long ago or may exist at some far distant time in the future, she made a huge mistake by setting her dream aside.

Mark Wandrey

Located in rural Tennessee, Mark Wandrey has been creating new worlds since he was old enough to write. After penning countless short stories, he realized novels were his real calling and hasn’t looked back since. A lifetime of diverse jobs, extensive travels, and living in most areas of the country have uniquely equipped him with experiences to color his stories in ways many find engaging and thought provoking.

Melissa Gay

Melissa Gay is a critically acclaimed genre-spanning artist of the Imaginative Realism style. Starting her career as a scientific illustrator doing ink drawings for botany manuals and then black and white line art for large publishing houses, she transitioned into working on her first love, roleplaying games.

Michael Bielaczyc

Michael Bielaczyc has been making art his whole life, in various media and subjects.

He has been selling and showing work since 1995, when he self published a comic book written and illustrated by himself. Going back to college at 23, he decided that art was going to be his main focus in life.

Paul Bielaczyc

Paul Bielaczyc in his own words: "I have been drawing and whatnot since as long as I can remember. Any spot in my school notebooks that didn't have notes were filled with sketches. I drew mostly from the D&D adventures that my brother ran, as well as the fantasy books I was reading. I did a few pieces based on Terry Brooks' Shannara series, but focusing on being a nerd, I didn't have much time for art in high school.

Rob Howell

Rob is a reformed medieval academic who draws upon those skills and resources for his stories and settings. He has also been an IT professional, a cook, and a soda jerk. As a child, his parents discovered about the only way to keep him quiet was to give him a book. Without books, either he or his parents probably would not have survived. Possibly both.

Robby Hilliard

After years of working in IT, Robby returned to college to fulfill a passion and a dream. He graduated with an English Creative Writing degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in August of 2013, and four months later he sold his first short story. Robby now resides in Atlanta, Georgia with the love of his life, continues working in IT, and of course, he writes.

Robert Sommers

Robert Sommers was first published in his hometown newspaper when he was still in high school. Since then he has written fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and reviews that have appeared in markets such as After Hours magazine, Dreamwatch, Southeast Performer, and the DAW Books anthology Zombiesque. Robert has worked for some of the largest and smallest publishing companies in the world. He lives in the Atlanta area with his family.

Sara Neathery

Sara is a Model, Maker, and Artist from Nashville, TN where she lives with her husband James Neathery and their two children. She came onto the Steampunk scene in 2011 and hasn’t looked back. With a background in modeling, theatre, and antique restoration Sara felt right at home in the creative genre that is Steampunk. She started out just making and modeling her own Steampunk outfits, but has since expanded her skill set to include jewelry making, leather working, and most notably building steampunk themed miniature sculptures.

Scott Baker

Scott Baker is writes an eclectic mix of science fiction and fantasy short stories from his home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Stephanie Osborn

Stephanie Osborn, the Interstellar Woman of Mystery, is a veteran of more than 20 years in the civilian space program, with graduate and undergraduate degrees in four sciences: astronomy, physics, chemistry and mathematics, and she is “fluent” in several more, including geology and anatomy. She has authored, co-authored, or contributed to more than 20 books, including the celebrated science-fiction mystery, Burnout: The mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281.

Stephen L. Antczak

Stephen L. Antczak sold his first short story in 1990, and since then has had over 40 short stories published, some in anthologies such as Adventures in the Twilight Zone edited by Carol Serling, Gahan Wilson’s Ultimate Haunted House, and the Barnes & Noble book 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories. His short novel, God Drug, and story collection Daydreams Undertaken were published by small press Marietta Publishing.

Tamara Lowery

Tamara Lowery, author of the Waves of Darkness series, is a native of Chattanooga. Her fifth book in the series, Hell's Dodo, joins the first four in making the Top Ten in the Horror Novel category of the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll and is the first book in the series to earn Top Ten status in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel category. She hopes the sixth book, The Daedalus Enigma (released November 2016), will follow suit this January.

Thomas Epperson

Thomas Epperson is an independent author who's credits include the fantasy novella Theyrik's Oath, and a horror story collection called Despair the Dawn.  He also co-wrote and worked on the movie Twisted Realities.     Born in Del Rio Texas, he attended Georgia Southern and Kennesaw State University.  He currently lives in Acworth, Ga with his wife, Joanna.

Tiffany Toland-Scott

Tiffany Toland-Scott is an American artist located in the Atlanta-Metro area. Her work is inspired by high fashion, fairy tales, Lovecraft, everything Southern Gothic, haunted houses, and mythology from all over the world. A fan of anything darkly romantic, her work is frequently subtly if not overtly dark in theme.

Vitamin Geek

Vitamin Geek is a Chattanooga, TN based podcast that discusses all facets of geek pop culture from video games to horror to anime to science fiction to comics. They run a weekly podcast focused on all aspects of geek culture, including horror and sci-fi movies, comic books, video games, board games and conventions.