Andrew Duncan

Drew is the creator of an all-cardboard science fiction convention, the founder of a traditional pirate-themed pubcrawl, the business manager of the planet's favorite space pirate, and writes about his misadventures in the motion picture industry, where he is known better as “Drewprops”.   His career in motion pictures began with a winning entry for a writing competition hosted by Starlog Magazine, Warner Brothers, Rank Studios and British Air. Drew and his father were flown to London to be extras in the first of Tim Burton’s new Batman films. Three years later he joined the crew of the film Robocop 3. Since then he has worked alongside camera on dozens of feature film and television projects as an assistant propmaster, later moving into the art department in a design capacity. Over the years Drew has dropped Kevin Costner, bounced a grenade off of Daniel Baldwin’s forehead, been scolded by Denzel Washington, been leapfrogged by Dennis Franz and once caught a cottage made entirely of cheese while crouched inches away from a bikini-clad Nikki Cox.   In 2011 he became a featured writer for Oz Magazine, a business-to-business periodical focusing on the film & television industry along with print & new media. Drew’s stories tend to focus on humorous behind the scenes anecdotes from motion picture sets.   In 2004 Drew has been on staff with Brookwood Group, a real estate development, planning and management consulting firm with offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, San Francisco, and Seattle.