List of Events

Here is a list of events that we are planing for Chattacon this year.  There will be plenty more added as we get closer and closer.
The program schedule grid will be posted online just a soon as it is finished. 

Costume/Cosplay Panels

Marvel Vs DC Debate
-Debate/Discussion of Marvel VS DC comics. (*Sponsored by Infinity Flux*)

Trashcan Cosplay Contest

Star Wars Trivia Game Show 
-Game show style trivia contest.

"Whose Cosplay is it Anyway?"
-A Whose Line In-Character Parody

Cult Movies w/Chattooine Live
-Cult Movies in MST3K Style

"What the Tuck" 
-The proper use of undergarmets for Cosplay. 

"Cosplay on a Budget" **(Chip and Kayla **Tentative**, and Joey) 
 -How to build a costume and not break the bank.

"Sidekick Cosplay"
-Cosplaying non-main characters.

"Doctor Who Costuming: It's Bigger on the Inside"
-Discussing screen accurate costumes vs. alts and the ready-made costumes available.  

"Doctor Who Cosplay: There's Room for Everyone on the Tardis"
-A panel discussing the inclusivity of Who cosplays.

Panel - James Neathery : Intro to leather work
James Neathery helps aspiring leather workers start their journey with information, tips and tricks of the trade.

Panel - James and Sara Neathery : Couples in cosplay
James and Sara discuss how to integrate cosplay and crafting with family life and work.

Class - James and Sara Neathery : Chattacon Watch Class
James leads a make and take leather watch class. Only paid spots get a watch, but everyone is free to observe.

Panels and Discussions

The Delphic Oracle
A group of distinguished panelists are formed into the amazing, ancient Delphic Oracle through a magical Todd-inspired process.  They then proceed to answer the audience's questions one person at a time, one WORD at  time.  Hilarity ensues.

Iron-storyteller (aka "You Said What?")
The panelists are provided with "person, place, and thing." At which point the moderator builds a story using those items and drops the next panelist into it.

Convention Pictonary with all the artists. 

Art of Sam Flegal slide show presentation.

Norse Mythology.

Interpreting 1000 year old Viking Poetry in Art.

Stranger Tales
Steve Antczak, co-editor of a new forthcoming anthology, discusses the melding of horror and science fiction in TV shows, movies, and fiction. What elements are required to make a story "strange fiction" (or what has also been called "New Weird fiction")?  

Does Superhero Fiction Really Work without Art?
Comic book adventures obviously translate quite well into visual media such as movies and TV, but how do they fare as books or short stories? How dependent on bright color illustrations are these sagas? 

Cowboys and Aliens
Writers discuss blending two or more genres, such as westerns and science fiction, or fantasy and mystery. 

Nostalgia for the Future
Are you ready for a new Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon? A discussion of old-time fantasy series that should be rebooted, why reboots are big business right now, and speculation on why some soar while others crash and burn.  

Religion in Science Fiction
Is their a place for Traditional Faith in the worlds of Hard Science and High Fantasy? Let's Discuss it!  

Negan, Lucille, and Other Things That Made Me Stop Watching My Favorite Shows
There are a lot of great series out there these days, and it's totally impossible to watch them all. What makes us give up on one we've been following and switch over to another? 

Questions & Comments

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